Steel Buildings

Make the Investment in a Steel Building

More and more consumers, businesses and organizations are choosing Cammon Steel because they are requiring premium quality and customized solutions from the structural designs for their steel building’s application. Whether the requirement is for a new multi-faceted sports complex or a simple suburban hobby shop, a church sanctuary for a new congregation or a wide body aircraft hangar, Cammon Steel can meet your design specifics and help with many project requirements.

Our company is dedicated to offering substantial savings in material costs when compared to similar sized, conventionally built structures. We offer nationwide and international service and delivery of your steel structure. Cammon Steel supplies pre-engineered buildings for virtually any structural application and includes features and services not offered by other, metal building companies.

Every building is designed to meet the specific requirements of your project’s location for rain, wind and snow. We provide each structure with stamped, engineer certified drawings. Additionally, our customers can rely on the expertise of our professional customer service department over the serviceable life of their building..

How much per square foot does a building cost?

Cost per square foot generally decrease as the building square footage increases. In addition, the complexity of the building (i.e. second floors, cranes, mansards, etc.) and the addition of accessories (i.e. doors, windows, ventilators, etc.) can increase the square foot cost significantly. For a quote, call and discuss your specific requirements.

Is Cammon’s price competitive with other companies?

Cammon has been a price competitive factor in the metal building industry for more than 15 years. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products at the lowest possible price. While no company is low on every quote, Cammon’s follow up service reduces costs on every project.

In addition to our extensive line-up of wall and roof panels, secondary structural members (purlins and girts) are also available. Structural Cee’s and Zee’s ranging from 16 gauge to 12 gauge in depths from 4″ to 12″ are also available in Red Oxide or Galvanized. Certain shapes are available.